The Essential Package: $1,500.00

8 hours of video coverage

Getting Ready Location, Ceremony Location, and Reception Location
Your wedding day will be captured in, High Definition digital video and audio.

We will create for you, a 30 to 45 minute, cinematic movie with custom musical selections, smooth transitions between scenes, multiple camera angles and views and high definition sound.  

We will also create a 4 to 6 minute cinematic short for you to view and share with family and friends.

Here is an example of what we will capture on your wedding day.  Please keep in mind that every wedding is different and we can customize according to your special wedding day plans.

Pre-Ceremony capture: Video and audio capture of bridal party prepping for wedding day, as well as quick candid interview/s.

Ceremony location capture: Video capture of the events in and around the wedding ceremony. Details of location will be included. Audio and video capture of ceremony itself with vow exchange. Some post ceremony coverage but not so much as to interfere with photographer.

Reception location capture: Video and audio capture of events in and around the reception. (ie. introductions, toast, first dance, guests interacting with each other and with camera, dancing.)

My videography service is customizable to your specific needs.

Please feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss your special day.