Sapphire mirror replica watches are durable

The sapphire mirror is not really made of sapphire. The mirror is a synthetic material called a sapphire crystal. This material is durable and has good transparency. The English name is sapphire crystal, which turns into a glass of sapphire water. But the main ingredient is alumina, which is the same as natural sapphire. Originally used as an artificial compound, natural sapphire was developed in the military replica rolex watches field and gradually became an optical and precision industry under extremely harsh conditions.

Synthetic sapphire has a stiffness of 9 degrees, and the second is diamond and pure natural sapphire. To understand the look of a sapphire mirror, let's talk about its identification.

1. Check the dial on the replica Rolex or the back will be marked with the English logo SAPPHIRE or sapphire crystal.

With a mirror, the mist quickly dissipated the sapphire mirror. In general, when the mouth is exhausted, it will dissipate in an instant, and then the surface will no longer be foggy.

3. Use your nails to easily fix the mirror. Heavy sound - heavy sapphire crystal. The sound of ordinary crystal or glass is very crisp.

4. The water droplets on the surface fake rolex watches, then the vertical mirror, do not apply water droplets, but slowly slide the flowers to prove that it is a sapphire crystal mirror, and the other material extends to a point.

5. Due to the nails on the mirror, gently crying, the sapphire mirror will feel smooth, no resistance, and a feeling of blockage - a simple glass crystal.